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Hi and welcome to Moments & Melodies!

I’m Nathalie Hernandez, the creator of Moments & Melodies. I create personalized songs and music cards for any occasion or event. I’m a singer songwriter and recent graduate of Berklee College of Music where I majored in songwriting.


It is the mission of Moments & Melodies to bring the magic of music and song to those special moments in life when you most want to reach out to someone, or to share something truly meaningful. This could be something as monumental as a marriage proposal or a gender reveal to birthday celebrations, get well wishes, telling someone congratulations, or simply a message to a friend or family member that you miss them and love them. 

Really, for anything that you can think of that you wish to communicate in a special way, I would love to write you a 30 second song, that is personalized and in the genre and theme that you desire.


Since I am just launching this site, there is currently no fee for my service! I will write your 30 second personalized song, and create the accompanying video for FREE. That said, if you value the work I do for you, I certainly would appreciate and accept any payment you deem appropriate. I am so excited to share the magic of music to make the special moments in your life even more special.


If you are a small business or start up, I am also offering jingles - a short song in commercial form to advertise and promote your brand or product. (Separate form - see below)


Click the link below to fill out a form to complete your order:

What people are saying:

"Oh my God this is amazing!! Thank you SO much! Your voice is beautiful and I sincerely hope you're writing some serious music because it needs to be out there in the world. Incredible! we shall of course promote your business!


Thanks again for doing this master piece, it's perfect." 

"Nathalie created an amazing and unique gift for my friend’s 30th birthday. It was great to be able to give them something really personal and memorable!"

"Brilliant. Made my Grandson's day. He couldn't believe that a song about him had been recorded in LA, some 5000 miles away. We will be back for more. Thanks."

"Nathalie is a songwriting genius! She’s done two songs for me now and I am always impressed every time! She creates the perfect lyrics for each special moment! I asked her to write a song for my parents telling them how much I appreciate them for all the hard work they are doing with their business, and Nathalie knew the right words to say to express how thankful I am for them. The added video is such a nice touch as well! With the amount of hard work, passion, and attention to detail she puts in to every song, these could easily be at least double the price! So what are you waiting for! Thank you Nathalie for such a unique, fun, creative and special way to give a gift to loved ones!"

"I really appreciated everything about the process and the end result. Super straight forward, in depth and clear, and the final product was exactly what I was looking for and more! I appreciate how nuanced and specific you got with inquiring about information, but also the fact that people have the ability to give less info if they want. Also this might just be due to when I put in a request, but I got the end result in a very timely fashion and it made me even happier!"

"Nathalie is great to work with. Works fast and is able to create something with the more or less vague ideas you give to her. Kind, but professional at the same time."

Check out my examples:

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Happy Birthday - four different genres!

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